Les Festes d'Orphée
Les Festes d'Orphée

Foundation: 1986 by Guy Laurent.

Main objective: Rediscovering and diffusion of the musical heritage of the baroque provence.

Musical constellations: The ensemble consists of different vocal or instrumental soloists, a big choir with 35 members and a baroque orchestra. According to the specific musical formation, the ensemble recruits musicians from the department Bouches-du-Rhône and outside of it.

Espace Musical: Created in 1998 at the Ste-Catherine-chapel, the Espace Musical hosts about 50 musical spectacles per year. At the moment the Ste-Catherine-chapel is closed and the Espace Musical has been relocated to different sites in Aix-en-Provence.

Regular Activities at the Espace Musical :
1. Concerts: different formations of the ensemble Les Festes d’Orphée, as well as groups being hosted.
2. Musical Tuesdays : Cultural initiative to stimulate exchange and musical activity in Aix-en-Provence and its surroundings.
3. Festivals: « Semaine-Sainte Musicale en Aix », during Holy Week, and «Aix-en-Baroque » in July.

Musicological Research: The Ensemble consecrates itself to the rediscovering and recreation of oeuvres from local composers such as Guillame Poitevin, André Campra, Jean Gilles, Laurent Belissen, Claude-Mathieu Pellegrin, Archimbaud, Charles Desmazures, Pierre Gautier, Gabriel Véran Bonnaud, etc…. Thanks to the musicological research, which contains among others the restoration of “fac simile” (copy of the original scores), it was possible to recreate in total 16 Grand Motets as well as 40 other works of the musical repertoire of Provence. Apart from this, there are oeuvres being presented from the French, European and South-American repertoires.

Diskographie ::
1. « Les Maîtres Baroques de Provence » (Volumes I, II, III, IV)
2. « Un Noël en Provence » (Volumes I, II)
3. Publication early 2007 : « Jean Gilles : Grands & Petits Motets »
In coproduction with the label K617 in 2003 it has been released the CD « Grands Motets en Provence – Laurent Belissen ».

Concerts outside of the Espace Musical:
1. Region : Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Avignon, Nice, Les Mées, Sisteron, Cavalaire, etc…
2. National Festivals : Festival International de Sarrebourg, Festival de Callas, Festival de Musique Sacrée d’Antibes, Mois National du Baroque Latino-américaine, Musiques Sacrées en Avignon, etc...

International Concerts: Tübingen (Germany), Cuneo, Savigliano, Genoa (Italy) ; Stockholm, Huddinge (Sweden) ; Miami and Orlando (USA).



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